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Personal Training

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Personal training is the pairing of a client with an experienced fitness trainer who helps the client set and work towards personal fitness goals. Our highly skilled personal trainers create safe and customized fitness programs and provide their clients with the attention they deserve. 

24 sessions $366 ($15.25/session)
32 sessions $480 ($15/session)
Must be used in the semester they are purchased
Single session (available only to renewing clients) $16.50
2 sessions - Orientation (fitness assessment + one session) $33
3 sessions $49.50
5 sessions $82.50
8 sessions $130 ($16.25/session)
12 sessions $192 ($16/sessions)
16 sessions $252 ($15.75/session)
18 sessions $279 ($15.50/sessions)
Available for two people to train with one trainer
3 sessions $30 per person
5 sessions $50 per person
8 sessions $80 per person

Refund Policy:

  • Refunds will only be given for cancellations based on medical reasons. A medical notice will be required that states the date that the injury occured or when the patient was advised to discontinue the program. There will be a $10.00 administrative charge. Also, refunds must be requested before the last day of the package/pass. If packages go un-used and a refund is not requested, the packages and payments are forfeited.
  • Please send a request and the medical notice to the Assistant Director for Fitness Programs.