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McComas Hall pool

The pool in McComas hall is a 25-yard, eight-lane swimming pool with a maximum depth of 6.5 feet. Thirty-six laps (down and back) is equal to one mile.

There are usually always lanes open for swimming, even when swim lessons are occuring. The pool closes periodically for special events. 

Swim Lessons: Fall 2023

  • Group lessons: Registration will open August 1 for mini-sessions and Family & Child Group Sessions. 
  • Private lessons: The Private Lesson Request Form will open on August 18. 

Aquatic Activities

Free 15-minute private lessons the first Friday of each month!

This service is available to Virginia Tech students and Rec Sports members, who can register for one session each Friday.

Offerings are limited so sign up early!

Fall 2023 Dates: 

Times available: 

  • 12-12:15pm, 12:20-12:35pm, 12:40-12:55pm, 1:00-1:15pm, 1:20-1:35pm

Can’t travel to VT Football games? Why not swim!

Come swim with us to each "game location" for the Virginia Tech Football Team. Make it to every stadium and receive some Rec Sports swag.

Monday through Sunday of each game week will be your opportunity to "swim" to each stadium. Participants will log minutes swam and a conversion (below) will be applied to translate minutes swam to miles traveled.

All skill and ability levels are encouraged to participate. Participation can be completed from anywhere you can swim, not just at McComas Pool. 

As you swim, complete the participation form to log your minutes!

Swim the States is a spring semester event. Information on Spring 2024 will be available in December 2023. The information below is from last year and will remain on the page for participants to get a feel for the program offering!

Swim the States: Spring 2023

We've taken matters into our own hands to help you "travel" across the United States this semester... and earn gear while doing it! 

Following the schedule of Virginia Tech's five single spring break days, each participant must swim to a "checkpoint” by each spring break day as represented by a US city until they reach San Francisco on the final day of classes.

Roughly three weeks stand between each spring break day, so participants must swim the number of miles it takes to get to the checkpoint. A conversion (explained below) is in place so that your minutes swam multiply and convert to accumulated miles. 

The goal of the Swim the States is to make it to San Francisco on time for the end of the school year.

How to Participate

Click here to log your activity! No pre-registration is required, just keep your progress up to date as you swim. 

Checkpoints, Conversions, and Prizes

January 16 - 29

City: Cincinnati, OH

  • Time Between Checkpoints: 14 days
  • Mileage: 336
  • Conversion: 1 minute = 2 miles
  • Total Minutes: 168
  • Prizes for Completion: TBD

January 30 - February 12

  • City: Chicago, IL
  • Time Between Checkpoints: 14 days
  • Mileage: 295
  • Conversion: 1 minute = 2 miles
  • Total Minutes: 148
  • Prizes for Completion: TBD

February 12 - 26

  • City: Omaha, NE
  • Time Between Checkpoints: 14 days
  • Mileage: 467
  • Conversion: 1 minute = 2.5 miles
  • Total Minutes: 187
  • Prizes for Completion: TBD

February 27 - March 19

  • City: Denver, CO
  • Time Between Checkpoints: 21 days (includes spring break)
  • Mileage: 539
  • Conversion: 1 minute = 3 miles
  • Total Minutes: 162
  • Prizes for Completion: TBD

March 20 - April 2

  • City: Salt Lake City, UT
  • Time Between Checkpoints: 14 days
  • Mileage: 488
  • Conversion: 1 minute = 3 miles
  • Total Minutes: 162
  • Prizes for Completion: TBD

April 3 - 23

  • City: Boise, ID
  • Time Between Checkpoints: 21 days
  • Mileage: 399
  • Conversion: 1 minute = 2 miles
  • Total Minutes: 199
  • Prizes for Completion: TBD

April 24 - May 4

  • City: Portland, OR
  • Time Between Checkpoints: 11 days
  • Mileage: 430
  • Conversion: 1 minute = 2.5 miles
  • Total Minutes: 143
  • Prizes for Completion: TBD

Swim Workouts

Our aquatics staff has put together a variety of swim workouts designed for swimmers of all levels to add variety to their swim routine!

mccomas hall pool

Pool Hours

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McComas Hall pool
by the numbers

  • 25-yards
  • 8 lanes
  • 6.5 feet max depth 
  • 36 laps = 1 mile lap