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Facility Reservations

How to make a facility reservation:

1. Check the rental fees to be sure they fit with your budget.

Facility Fees

All Registered Student Organizations (RSOs)

  • $10 per booking (regardless of space)

VT Affiliates

  • $10 per hour (regardless of space. Except tennis courts, which is $3 per hour)

Non VT Affiliates

  • Exercise studio: $25 per hour
  • Pool: $30 per hour
  • Basketball Court: $25 per court per hour
  • Artificial Turf: $30 per field per hour
  • Tennis Court: $6 per court per hour

Staffing (per hour)

Additional staffing may be required depending on the needs of your reservation

Building Supervisor: $15

  • Needed when reservation takes place outside of regular business hours

Housekeeper: $15

  • Needed for events with large numbers of people. At the discretion of the operations team

Event Supervisor: $15

  • Needed for events that require activities to be led

Group Ex or Small Group Training Coach: $20

  • Reservations that use strength equipment or leading an exercise class

Lifeguards (x2): $30

  • Needed for all reservations at the pool (up to 50 participants). Additional $15 per additional 25 participants

Turf Field Supervisor: $15

  • Needed when reservation takes place on the outdoor fields

2. Check the availability of the space you want based on date, time, and location.

McComas Hall

McComas Pool

Rec Sports Field House

Outdoor Recreational Fields 

3. Fill out the reservation request form.
Reminder: A certificate of insurance is needed for:

Events expecting 100 or more people in attendance

Events involving food sales or consumption

Events where alcohol is being served

Events with minor participants

Aquatic events

Sports, exercise, or recreational activities where there is a potential for bodily injury.

4. Review the Reservation Manual for further details. 

Reservations can be requested for:

  • Fall on Aug. 15
  • Spring on Dec. 1
  • Summer on April 1