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Intramural Sports Policies
We want to ensure that everyone knows the policies and rules that are in place to provide the best experience for everyone participating in intramural sports. We ask that you familiarize yourself with our policies.

Intramural Sports Gameday Checklist

Check-in with photo ID

  • Any government-issued photo identification is acceptable (e.g., driver’s license, Hokie Passport). 
  • Presenting a copy or image of government-issued photo identification (e.g. a picture of your driver’s license on your phone) is also acceptable.

No jewelry

  • Taping over jewelry is not permitted.
  • Medical bracelets or necklaces may be secured with tape but must first be shown to an Intramural Staff member when checking-in to the game.
  • You may contact the Intramural Sports Staff prior to participating to discuss exceptions to this policy (
  • Approval for any jewelry (other than medical items) will not be granted on site.

Matching light or dark shirts

  • Opposing teams may not wear similar colors during the game. (Exception: 7v7 Innertube Water Polo, 3v3 Battleship, and all 2v2 sports)
  • If both teams arrive with similar colors, captains must determine which color shirt/jersey each team will wear. If an agreement cannot be reached, both teams will forfeit the game.
  • For administrative purposes, all players participating in any 5v5 Basketball contest must have a one- or two-digit whole number on their shirt/jersey, and jersey numbers for all teammates must be distinct. Taping numbers is not allowed.

Two club players max

  • No more than two Sport Club or Registered Student Organization team members may participate in their sport/allied sport on the same intramural team.
  • Sport Club athlete roster restrictions and Registered Student Organization roster restrictions overlap. (i.e., The 2-player maximum combines SC and RSO athletes in their aligned sport) 

Team removed after forfeiting twice

  • Following a team’s first forfeit of the season, a team that does not meet the roster minimum for that sport will be automatically removed.
  • Teams that forfeit multiple times within a season will be removed from the league. Exceptions may be granted under certain circumstances (e.g., health issues) if the Intramural Staff is notified prior to the game (

Competitive Teams - Playoff Brackets

  • During week three of the season, playoff brackets will be posted on IMLeagues with game times for the entirety of the playoffs.
  • Team captains will be draft their spot in the bracket on IMLeagues on the Friday before playoffs start at 12pm.
  • Intramural staff will add teams to the bracket that do not select their own slot by 3pm that day.
  • If a captain is unable to login to IMLeagues at that time to select the team's bracket position, a teammate can be designated as a co-captain on IMLeagues so they will have access to do so.

Competitive Teams - Rosters

  • A player may only be on the roster of one Men’s/Women’s team and one CoRec team within the competitive league for each sport.
  • When the playoffs start, competitive league players may not change to a different roster.

Recreational Teams - Rosters

  • A player may participate on unlimited teams within the recreational league for each sport.
  • Players are not permitted to join more than one team until after registration closes to ensure that others have the opportunity to create a team.

2023-24 Program Changes

Below are some important program changes for the upcoming intramural sports season:

New Sports

2v2 Pickleball, 2v2 Badminton, 2v2 Cornhole, 2v2 Spikeball, and 6v6 Handball will be offered as team sports with scheduled games!

Self-Report Leagues

  • Scheduled opponents and play-by dates for each regular season game
  • Contact your opponent to pick a specific game time
  • Report game score in IMLeagues
  • Playoffs for all teams

Grace Period

If neither team has the required number of players by the end of the 10-minute grace period, the results are recorded as a forfeit for both teams.  If one team is present at the start of the grace period, that team has the option to start the game ahead by the score of the mercy rule for that sport.  However, the team may also elect to have the game started with a “0-0” score if the opponent shows up prior to the end of the grace period.

For sports with a game clock (e.g. Flag Football, Soccer, Basketball, etc.) the game clock will start at the scheduled game time. For sports with innings (e.g. Softball, Kickball, etc.) the 45-minute “no new innings” rule will be calculated from the scheduled game time.

CoRec Policies

For CoRec leagues, half of the player maximum may identify as the same gender.

Example: For a 7v7 Flag Football team, the gender max is 4. (4 women, 2 men, 1 non-binary would be allowed. 5 women and 2 men would not be allowed) If a 7v7 Flag Football team only has 4, 5, or 6 players available to play for a particular game, they would have the same gender max of 4.


CoRec Chart

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