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Bouldering Wall

Venture Out Center's Bouldering Wall

About the Wall

The bouldering wall is located in the New Venture Out Center (540 Beamer Way) in the South Recreation Area next to the Recreational Field House and Intramural Fields. Use of the 15 foot tall bouldering wall is free for students during open hours of Noon to 9PM. Walk-ins are welcome, but to guarantee your spot, register with us online. 

*Climbing shoes are available for day/indoor rentals at no cost to students.

What is Bouldering?

Bouldering is rock climbing over large pads to protect falls, rather than classic rope and harness climbing. The challenge is to climb short, but tricky routes.

The Basics

  • Members can pre-register to climb up to seven days in advance of their desired climbing time-slot. Fee-paying students and Rec Sports members will need to sign up for a bouldering membership at no additional cost. 
  • Time-slots are set for 50 minutes at a time so Venture Out staff can clean and disenfect the last ten minutes of every hour.

Bouldering Wall Hours

Spring 2022 Schedule

January 18 - May 4

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday

  • Noon-9pm

Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday

  • Closed

The Bouldering Wall and Venture Out Center will be closed the week of spring break

Bouldering Wall Rules

  • All boulderers must check in at front desk and review orientation video 

  • Wash/sanitize your hands prior to climbing

  • Loose chalk is not permitted - Liquid chalk for sale at pro shop

  • No rope climbing permitted outside of clinic or designated training session

  • A maximum of four climbers on the wall at one time

  • No topping out (ie. no climbing above, beyond, or over the top lip of the wall)

  • No climbing over or under other active climbers

  • Shirts and climbing shoes must be worn at all times

  • No personal belongings or water bottles on the bouldering mat

  • No resting while on the mat, move into lobby area for breaks

  • No food in climbing or main lobby area

  • No chewing gum

  • Mask must be worn while in the facility and while climbing

  • Wash/sanitize your hands after climbing
  • No homemade liquid chalk will be allowed. Only manufactured liquid chalk will be allowed

*Climbing shoe rentals are available for free upon request


Bouldering Wall FAQs

  • Fee-paying students and Rec Sports members will need to sign up for a bouldering membership but at no additional cost.
  • At this time, guests will not be allowed to climb as we gauge demand upon opening. 

Only 8 participants will be allowed in the Venture Out Center Lobby/Bouldering Wall area, so non-registered spectators will not be permitted. If there is an open space in the reservation schedule, we may be able to serve walk-ups.

Climbing shoe rentals are available for free at the front desk! Let staff know you'd like a pair and they will provide you with your size.  Return the shoes at the end of your session and they will be properly sprayed with disinfectant.

Loose chalk will not be permitted.  Liquid chalk is sold at our pro shop, just ask the front desk.

Route setting will occur on a monthly basis with holds being washed and sanitized before use on new routes. Check back monthly to see what's new on the wall!

The bouldering wall and mats will be properly disinfected daily and between climbing sessions.

Before Climbing...

Participants must read through this bouldering orientation!

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Please read the following carefully. The bouldering orientation information below is extremely important to minimizing the inherent risk of bouldering and the wellbeing of all climbers. Ask any of the Venture Out staff if you have questions or seek guidance after reading this fully. **Please also see posting of rules listed in addition to this Orientation. 

Fall Zone & General Bouldering Awareness:

  • A fall zone is the area where someone currently climbing could fall

  • Fall zones are generally defined by an imaginary 6-10 foot radius around every climber on the wall

  • Since climbers are constantly moving, fall zones are always changing. Your awareness is vital to minimizing risk of injury to yourself and others.

  • Climbers are focused on climbing and cannot be expected to be aware of what’s below them. Don't walk through an active fall zone, as you can be injured if the climber falls.

  • Bouldering is a dynamic sport that at times may involve some fast and erratic movements. Be aware of your movements, and spaces you will be transitioning to (watch out for other climbers).

  • Don’t climb over someone. If you fall, you can both be injured.

  • If you notice someone walking inside your fall zone or someone else’s, notify them to move out of it immediately.

  • The climbing wall terrain is always changing. Be aware of climbing holds and other features that may protrude from the wall. Avoid walking into or standing up into any of these areas.

  • Using headphones or earbuds means you may not be able to hear others who may be trying to communicate with you. As such, they are not allowed in the climbing area and main lobby of the Venture Out Center.

  • Do not rest in padded areas, step off pads while taking breaks.

  • If you see anyone doing anything dangerous, let them (or us) know!

Falling: It is most likely that you will fall at some point during your use of the Bouldering Wall, please read fully below:

  • Know your body’s abilities and what impacts you can sustain. Climb inside of your comfort zone.

  • When falling, DO NOT attempt to catch yourself on your feet, like a gymnast’s finish. While impressive in appearance, the padded surfaces do not offer reliable terrain and put your ankles and back at great risk…… instead, tuck and tumble, distributing the impact over as much protected surface area of your body and over as much distance/time as possible. Think like a ninja, act like a ninja!

  • As you ascend the wall, anticipate falling and how you will react. Practice falling from increasing heights until you are comfortable falling from any elevation.

  • If you ever feel uncomfortable falling, downclimb to a level where you are comfortable using any hold available. Nearby downclimb jugs are also available.

  • Every climbing facility’s padded surfaces are unique. Even if you are an experienced climber, take the necessary time to acquaint yourself with our padding in order to understand the stiffness and how it reacts when falling from different heights.

  • Before you start your climb, be sure that the area underneath is clear from other people, bags, bottles, etc.