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Venture Out Challenge Course Information

Venture Out Challenge Course

SCHEDULE ACCORDINGLY: To maximize time on the course, please arrive 15 minutes ahead of time with the printed out waivers already completed (blue or black ink please!).  The schedule for the day will include fitting harnesses and helmets, getting to know each other/warm-up activities, and a “ground school” where we instruct how to safely traverse the course, before heading up on the course.

WHERE IS IT?:  If you search “Venture Out Challenge Course” on Google Maps it will take you to the gravel road entrance to the left of the Marching Virginians Center in the far SE corner of the Chicken Hill parking lot.  Take the gravel road and you can park at the course. There are 2 paved parking spaces (handicap accessible) or overflow parking available on grass (can be muddy after rain).


WHAT TO WEAR/BRING: Wear closed toed-shoes and consider opting away from loose/baggy clothing, excessive jewelry, or untied long hair. We suggest wearing bottoms that extend to mid thigh and below to prevent discomfort from the harness. Bring hair ties to avoid getting hair caught on course.  Please bring sunscreen to protect yourself from the sun, and a water bottle to hydrate. Dress in clothing which is appropriate for the temperature or potential rain. During weather colder than 50 degrees, it is recommended to bring gloves, wear long underwear or leggings underneath a pair of pants, and bring an extra layer since the upper levels are more exposed to the wind.  It is possible to wear warm hats or buffs under our helmets as long as they do not have a puff-ball on the top. We do operate in the rain, so please bring rain gear if it is in the forecast.

BILLING:  We send in the numbers from each group at the end of the month.  You should receive an emailed invoice from the Rec Sports Business Manager during the start of the next month.  You will be able to pay for your session via credit card, check, or an interdepartmental transfer.


WEIGHT LIMITATIONS: The course accommodates participants ages 8 years and older, weighing a minimum of 50 pounds and a maximum weight limit of 250 lbs.

ABOUT THE COURSE: We start low to the ground so you can acclimate while you make your way to the top level at 34’. Get ready for ziplines, rock walls, and plenty of obstacles!  Get ready to find your challenge and Venture Out of your comfort zone while expanding your self-confidence on the course!

WEATHER RELATED CANCELLATIONS: At Venture Out, we adapt to the conditions and seek to thrive even in adverse weather; continuing to climb, traverse, swing, zip, and do ground-based portable initiatives in rain, cold, and heat.  However, there are some weather conditions which do necessitate closing down the Venture Out Challenge Course and cancelling programming. Some of these events include, but are not limited to:

  • LIGHTNING: within a 6-mile radius of the Challenge Course

  • TEMPERATURES: Severe Heat (above 99° Fahrenheit) and Extreme Cold (wind chill below 35° Fahrenheit)

  • WINDS: Sustained winds higher than 20 mph at the top of the Challenge Course, or gusts higher than 30 mph.  Additionally, if there is an active Tornado Watch/Warning.

  • SNOW/ICE: affecting driving conditions

  • RAIN: More than ½ inch of rain forecasted for the time of the program

  • Emergency closures of Virginia Tech

IF VENTURE OUT CANCELS: In the case of a cancellation, the Challenge Course Lead Facilitator will contact the group leader the day of programming at least one hour in advance.  Please ensure that the phone number listed in the Reservation Form is current and will be carried on the day of the programming. In the case of a cancellation, the group will have an opportunity to sign up for any available times on the Challenge Course in the future.  

If Venture Out cancels the program during the event for weather related reasons, if less than 75% of the scheduled time was used, the group will have the option of rescheduling their Challenge Course event, or receiving a pro-rated refund based on percentage of scheduled time used (ex. During a 3 hour program, the event is cancelled after 1 hour.  The group will have the option of rescheduling or receiving a 2/3rd refund of their quoted price.)

If groups need to cancel their event for their own reasons, we will work to reschedule another time on the course.  Unfortunately, they may be subject to charges due to staffing and scheduling costs.

  • 14 days prior - no charge
  • 8-13 days prior - 50% charge ***
  • 7 days or less prior - full charge of quotes cost ***

***If the group chooses to reschedule for another date on the course after cancelling with less than 2 weeks notice, they will only be charged a 20% re-scheduling/staffing fee or $150, whichever is lower.  

IF GROUP NUMBERS CHANGE/NO-SHOWS:  If your group numbers change, please let us know as soon as possible so we can staff the course appropriately.  Our staff is composed largely of Virginia Tech students who balance their academics and financial budgeting with their work at the Challenge Course and we strive to give them advance notice so they can schedule their studies appropriately and we can schedule the appropriate amount of staff for your group.  If the numbers decrease by 5 or more people with less than 72 hours notice prior to the session, there will be a $10 fee for each no-show.  For example, if a group booked 15 people to use the course, and only 10 showed up the day of without prior notice, the group will be charged $10 per no-show without at least 72 hour notice ($50) in addition to their normal costs.

PETS: We love our pets just as much as you, but please leave your pets at home if you will be heading up onto the Challenge Course.  If you are just watching a group on the course and are able to stay next to your pet for the entirety of the program, you are welcome to bring your pet if it remains on a leash.  Thanks!