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Wellness Consultations

A wellness consultation (health coaching) is available to empower you to make lasting health behavior changes that will influence lifelong well-being.

During your wellness consultation you will meet with your coach to:

  • Discuss your health goals and current health status
  • Assess your readiness for change
  • Create and work on short and long-term goals
  • Identify barriers and create strategies to help

You can receive a wellness consultation several ways:

  • You may be referred through your Cook Counseling Center counselor
  • You may be referred through a Schiffert Health Center professional
  • You can schedule a consult directly by contacting the Zak Worrell, Assistant Director for Fitness

More Wellness Consultations

Alcohol use
Hokie Wellness provides one-on-one coaching for students who would like to make changes to their alcohol-use patterns. Sessions are 50 minutes long and include two to six sessions. 

Tobacco use
Hokie Wellness and Schiffert Health Center can help you quit smoking. If you are a Virginia Tech student and have paid your health fee, you can meet with one of our Certified Tobacco Treatment Specialists to help get you on the right plan.