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Fitness Assessment

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Fitness Assessment Offerings and Rates

INBODY (30 minutes) – $20

Resting Vitals (45 minutes) – $30

Includes INBODY, heart rate measurement, blood pressure, circumference, height/weight, BMI

Comprehensive Fitness Assessment (90 minutes) - $40

Includes INBODY, blood pressure, resting heart rate, cardio vascular test, muscular fitness and flexibility

About Fitness Assessments

A fitness assessment provides information about your current fitness level and allows you to compare this to norms and standards of people of the same age and gender. It also allows you to develop an exercise program to fit your needs specifically based off of the results. Having this information can motivate you to stick with a training regimen and retest to see your progress. It may also identify any health problems that could manifest during exercise.

We offer three different assessments you may pick from:

  • INBODY Body Composition: This assessment will give you an incredibly accurate measure of body fat, lean mass, body water, and your metabolic rate.
  • Resting Vitals Fitness Assessment: This advanced assessment will include an INBODY; resting measures such as heart rate and blood pressure; height/weight/BMI; and circumference measurements
  • Comprehensive Fitness Assessment:  This advanced assessment will include everything from the Resting Vitals Fitness Assessment as well as cardiovascular fitness; muscular strength and endurance; as well as flexibility and mobility.

To prepare for the INBODY portion of your assessment:

  • Bring your Hokie Passport to your Fitness Assessment
  • Wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing for exercising
  • Maintain your normal fluid intake the day before
  • Get an adequate amount of sleep (6 to 8 hours) the night before the test.
  • Stand upright for at least 5 minutes prior to testing
  • Remove all heavy objects such as jewelry, watches, belts, wallets, and jackets
  • Use restroom prior to test
  • Avoid food and exercise for at least 3 hours before testing
  • Avoid consuming alcohol or excess caffeine for at least 24 hours prior to testing
  • Do not use sauna or shower immediately before testing
  • Avoid the use of lotion and/or ointments on hands/feet prior to testing

For the Resting Vitals and Comprehensive Fitness Assessment you should prepare for an INBODY but also bring comfortable athletic clothes and athletic shoes.

When you decide that a fitness assessment is right for you, begin by completing the online registration here

During the registration process you will need to fill out a questionare to see if you are healthy enough for physical activity. If you are not approved you will simply need to obtain a medical release from your physician. 

After you have completed the registration and payment process you will be contacted by a trainer within two business days.  From here you may schedule your fitness assessment!