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Hokie Fit Online Program

Hokie Fit Spring 2020

Gym intimidation? We totally get it. The good news is that you can stay within your comfort zone and still get fit. Enter: Hokie Fit! Your one-stop online fitness program!

This program includes workouts for each day with different levels starting with our kickstarter for 2 weeks. Each program contains different workouts and you won't find any 2 that are the same.

Designed for all levels of fitness, Hokie Fit workouts can be done from the gym or your home, all with just a few pieces of equipment. You will receive a variety of routines to experiment with — from strength and endurance training, to intervals and even bonus core workouts — Hokie Fit will allow you to work out on your own terms, at your own time!  You will be given access to a folder containing instructional videos for each workout and a guided program.

Our 2-Week Kickstart Program is free for you to enjoy!