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Jerry Colyer Memorial Classic

2018 Colyer Classic

Jerry Colyer Memorial Classic League Brackets
Tournament Rules

The 3rd Annual Jerry Colyer Memorial Classic, sponsored by Virginia Tech Recreational Sports, aims to honor and support a fallen former co-worker. Proceeds from the tournament will go to support Colyer’s daughter along with one of his passions, student development.

The tournament will be held on Saturday, April 27 in multiple facilities on Virginia Tech’s campus. Along with a competitive environment, the tournament offers your team the chance to visit campus.

The cost of the tournament is $150 per team. Multi-team discounts available.

To register your team please contact Bill Old ,, or 540-231-4058

Memory of Jerry Colyer

About Jerry:

Jerry Colyer was a former Virginia Tech student and an employee of Recreational Sports for 16 years. Jerry was a loving soul to everyone he encountered and pivotal to the college experience of many students. His enthusiasm for his job and his commitment to the students under his direction were remarkable. Jerry spent countless hours at McComas Hall checking on staff, assuring the safety of the building, and trying to squeeze in his 500 crunches and pushups. His dedication was not just to a building, but rather to building what was happening inside. He was focused on providing opportunities and guidance to those who needed a first-time job, a second chance, or continual nudge to be better or do more.  Many who knew Jerry say that he was impactful during their time as a student by helping them form strong social relationships, pointing them to necessary resources, investing in them, or simply encouraging wellness. These invaluable aspects aided those students in cultivating a lasting sense of connection to the Virginia Tech community.

Jerry’s desire to serve and uplift those around him spilled into all aspects of his life. He used his passion for basketball to coach and mentor others. His gracious leadership and influence extended into the Blacksburg community, where he served recreational youth leagues as both a coach and official for numerous years.