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Facilities - War Memorial Hall

Position Description

The Department of Recreational Sports is presently seeking facility staff to ensure the safe operation and provision of customer service at War Memorial Hall. The primary focus is to cultivate a secure environment, with key responsibilities including immediate response to emergencies, incidents, and injuries, enforcement of gym policies, and timely reporting of equipment issues to the on-duty supervisor.

Staff Responsibilities:

Maintaining the cleanliness and organization of gym areas, which involves frequent checks of paper towels and sanitizing spray stations, monitoring and disposal of trash as needed, and ensuring that all exercise equipment is stored in its designated area. Facility staff will deliver friendly and professional customer service to gym patrons, performing tasks such as checking in group exercise classes, addressing questions or requests, scanning patrons into the gym while upholding access regulations, and processing transactions for gym services and memberships.

All staff members are expected to participate in team meetings and training sessions to remain updated on current policies and procedures. Rec Sports is dedicated to fostering inclusive and welcoming spaces that underscore the importance of well-being and physical activity for all patrons. Facility staff contribute to this objective by implementing proactive strategies to advance the department’s safety and risk management initiatives, thereby enhancing the overall positivity and safety of the environment. Students who successfully undertake the role of facility staff at War Memorial Hall are expected to embody these principles in their daily duties.

Working/Training Rate - $12/hour.

Typical Hiring Timeline:

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  • Applications open mid-February and close early April. 
  • Emails are sent soon after to schedule interviews, and interviews are conducted mid-April
  • Candidates will be notified by the end of April

How to Apply:

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