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Marketing Assistant

The Recreational Sports Marketing Team is a group of students motivated to help Hokies find their movement. Members of the team will help promote the six areas of Recreational Sports – aquatics, fitness + wellness, intramural sports, sport clubs, open recreation, and outdoor recreation (Venture Out) – with the goal of getting our campus moving. Team members will come up with creative and innovative ways to inform students about the programs, events, and services offered by Recreational Sports. The team will represent the department at special events, becoming the voice of Recreational Sports.  

Recreational Sports Marketing Team members will: 

  • Maintain office hours (6-8 hours/week) 
  • Be available to work special events on nights and weekends 
  • Act as an engaged member of the team by being present, enthusiastic, and focused 
  • Be the loudest and most active ambassadors of, and cheerleaders for, Recreational Sports 
  • Initiate creative ways to market Recreational Sports 
  • Research, implement, and recommend new programs, events, marketing outreach 
  • Be the voice of Recreational Sports at outreach events 
  • Event planning (including last-minute pop-up events) 
  • Maintain and update the Recreational Sports social media 
  • Perform standard office tasks 

Other expectations: 

  • Participate in professional development opportunities within the department, on campus, at conferences and workshops  
  • Attend the Recreational Sports Marketing Team retreat, supervisor training, and other applicable workshops 

Primary skills needed:

  • Creativity and originality in thinking 
  • Public speaking and engaging with new people 
  • Self-starter and initiative in work
  • Critical thinking and decision making 
  • Ability to multi-task 
  • Enthusiasm for Recreational Sports 

Minimum qualifications and requirements: 

  • Excited about working for Recreational Sports 
  • Have a basic understanding of what Recreational Sports does 

Preferred qualifications and requirements: 

  • Studying marketing, communications, public relations, HNFE, or related field 
  • Working knowledge of content management system for websites