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Intramural Sports Official

Position Description:

Every year, the Intramural Sports Program hires 200+ student officials for team sport activities.  Officials' responsibilities include but are not limited to the following: officiating team sport activities, assisting with site and equipment management, adopting proactive strategies to help advance the department's safety and risk management initiatives in order to create a positive and safe environment, and striving to create inclusive and welcoming environments so as to promote the importance of well-being and physical activity to all patrons.  No qualifications or skills are required and no experience is necessary.  You will be provided with the training needed to officiate intramural contests from highly trained and skilled staff.

All intramural officials are required to complete all payroll requirements in a timely manner.  Visit this page and scroll to "Employment Packets" to view the necessary paperwork.  Additionally, officials must attend each night of training for the sport they wish to officiate (typically 4-5 nights; employees are compensated for this time). Finally, all employees must complete a Title IX and Retaliation training prior to working.

Job Benefits:

  • No qualifications or skills are required and no experience is necessary
  • Mandatory training provided for each sport
  • Officiating apparel and equipment provided
  • Flexible scheduling offered
  • Student staff are encouraged to participate in intramural sports
  • Leadership and advancement opportunities available

Preferred Qualifications:

No experience is necessary.

Pay Rates:

Working Rate - $12.00/hour

Hiring Timeline:

Applications are accepted throughout the year.  Applicants will be emailed prior to each of our training weeks throughout the year.

How to Apply:

Apply below and you will be contacted when the hiring process begins. Applicants will be hired as needed throughout the year.