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Wellness Workshops


We offer a variety of wellness workshops aimed at giving you the knowledge you need to live a healthy lifestyle. Workshops are available for your organization, program, or class and can be adapted as needed.

Wellness 101: Are You Thriving?
This workshop helps students gain a deeper understanding of wellness and how they can begin to “thrive” in the different areas of their lives. We will review behaviors related to the different dimensions of well-being. Students will work to identify which areas they are excelling in and where they may be struggling so that they can create a personal action plan for a happier, healthier self. 

Spark! Exercise for Academic Success
This workshop will explore the mind-body connection and will engage students in exercises to improve everything from mood to anxiety. We will review evidence for how exercise relates to the brain and learn practical applications.

How of Happiness
This interactive workshop allows each participant to learn about their own habits and identify their “set point” for happiness. We will overview the 12 happiness behaviors outlined in Sonja Lyubomirsky’s “The How of Happiness” and discuss their applications. Everyone will leave with a personalized action plan for achieving a happier self.

More Workshops

Be sure to check out the workshops offered by Hokie Wellness -- they range from sleep better techniques to helping friends in distress to nutrition 101 and whole lot more!