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Intramural Sports Policies
We want to ensure that everyone knows the policies and rules that are in place to provide the best experience for everyone participating in intramural sports. We ask that you familiarize yourself with our policies.

2021-22 Program Changes

Below are some important program changes for the upcoming intramural sports season:

Sportsmanship Procedures After An Unsporting Foul/Penalty
In any team sport activity (except 5v5 Basketball), a player that receives a foul/penalty for unsporting behavior must immediately report to the Scorekeeper/Supervisor on site so the foul/penalty can be documented.  Failure to adhere to this process or the request of an Intramural employee will result in immediate ejection from the contest.

Team Sport Rosters
For all team sports, a minimum of three (3) players must be on the roster in IMLeagues for a team to be approved and scheduled for regular season and/or postseason games.

Athletic Apparel and Equipment
Players will no longer need a numbered shirt/jersey for flag football, soccer, or softball contests.  In any activity where jersey/shirt numbers are not required, a player that is penalized for unsporting behavior must immediately report to the Scorekeeper/Supervisor.  Failure to do so will result in that player's ejection from the game. Note: players are still required to have a jersey/shirt number for 5v5 Basketball.

Forfeits and Reinstatement Procedures
A team will not be required to pay a Forfeit Reinstatement Fee after forfeiting a game.  Instead, the following reinstatement process will be used to determine whether a team will be reinstated or removed from the league.

Following a team’s first forfeit of the season, a team that does not meet the roster minimum for that sport or forfeit during the playoffs will be automatically removed. Teams that meet the roster minimum and/or forfeited/emailed the Intramural Staff 24 hours ahead of the game will retain their spot in the league.

Teams removed from the league are replaced with a waiting list team.  If there is not a waiting list, a team already scheduled in the league will have the opportunity to replace the forfeiting team by filling the open spot(s) in the schedule.

Teams that forfeit multiple times within a season will be removed from the league. Exceptions may be granted under certain circumstances (i.e., health issues) if the Intramural Staff is notified prior to the game.

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