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Intramural Sports Policies
We want to ensure that everyone knows the policies and rules that are in place to provide the best experience for everyone participating in intramural sports. We ask that you familiarize yourself with our policies.

2022-23 Program Changes

Below are some important program changes for the upcoming intramural sports season:

CoRec Policies

For our CoRec leagues, only half of the players actively participating for a team may identify as the same gender. For example:

·         3 players = gender max 2

·         4 players = gender max 2

·         5 players = gender max 3

·         6 players = gender max 3

·         7 players = gender max 4

·         8 players = gender max 4

·         9 players = gender max 5

·         10 players = gender max 5

There are no longer any required ratios for how many of any specific gender need to be participating at once. Also new this year, there will no longer be any rule differences or restrictions for any CoRec league except for the gender requirement for players actively participating. (This includes softball lineups, volleyball lineups and hits, scoring differentials, goalie specifications, etc.)

Team Roster Restrictions

Most team sport activities have both a competitive league and a recreational league.

·         Competitive League: A player may only be on the roster of one Men’s/Women’s team and one Open/CoRec team within the competitive league for each sport. When the playoffs start, all rosters are immediately locked and players may no longer switch to another team roster. In the playoffs, a team may still add players to the roster, as long as that player is not on another competitive team roster for that team sport league when the playoffs start.

·         Recreational League: A player may participate on unlimited teams within the recreational league for each sport. Note: Players are not permitted to join more than one team until after registration closes to ensure that others have the opportunity to create a team.

Participant Identification

In addition to being able to present any government-issued photo identification (e.g., driver’s license or Hokie Passport) to check in to an intramural sports activity, participants many now choose to present a copy or image of their government-issued photo identification (e.g., a picture of your driver’s license on your phone) as an acceptable method of checking in.

Sport Club and Registered Student Organization Team Restrictions

No more than two Sport Club or Registered Student Organization team members may participate in their sport/allied sport on the same intramural team (see rule sheet for sport-specific rules). Only one Sport Club or Registered Student Organization team member may participate on a self-report team in their sport/allied sport.

Self-Report Leagues

Self-report league seasons will run throughout the entire academic year. Registrations will continue to be accepted until playoffs start. There are no scheduled game times for the regular season. Opponents contact each other to pick a time and location for games. To be eligible for playoffs, all teams that play at least four games will be included regardless of game results.

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