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The dance program is an opportunity for students, faculty, and staff to learn a style of dance in a non-competitive recreational setting. Our dance classes are designed to teach the basic techniques and terminologies of each individual format through a six-week session. These classes are perfect for those who used to dance or who want to learn to dance.

Classes meet once a week during the six-week session. Each sessions costs $42.
All you need to do is sign up and pay!

hip hop dancers


Learn how to top-rock, 6-step, and pop it like you mean it. Not only will you lose stress, stay active, and improve your memory, but you’ll look pretty cool doing it. Our instructors choreograph to the musicality of today’s hit songs and will be teaching techniques such as popping, breaking, locking, freestyle, and new style.

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a ballet dancer



Gain strength, flexibility, stress relief and knowledge when you take this class. Participants will be introduced to basic ballet terminology and technique in a fun and relaxed setting. With a focus on balance, coordination and poise, participants will begin with barre exercises and transition to the center and across the floor movements.



A dance form that appeals to everyone because of its energy, variety, and vitality. Jazz Dance classes explore contemporary and classic jazz dance, rooted in the vernacular (social dance) forms, that draws inspiration from a wide range of music including jazz, swing, blues, pop, soul and funk.

Open Rec Dance

Want a space where you can dance on your own? Head to studio B in McComas Hall each Tuesday & Thursday from 2:15-4pm for open recreation dance.