Small Group Training


What is Small Group Training?

Small group training is a hybrid between personal training and group exercise. Your coach will tailor your sessions to meet your groups’ needs, will progress the sessions as your group increases their fitness level, and groups will stay small in size so that each participant gets the individualized attention they deserve. In addition, you’ll gain friendships, work together as a team, rely on each other to keep the motivation high, and have fun working hard to reach your goals!

These programs are also being offered at a competitive low-rate, equaling out to $8.33 an hour. Groups can have anywhere from 3-8 participants depending on the format and will meet either 2 times a week for 6 weeks. All small groups cost $100 per participant for 12 sessions.


Small Group Training sessions will begin again in Fall 2014.


If none of the above small group programs are what you are looking for, you can request a small group training program that fits your schedule and is tailored to your groups needs and fitness goals.To request a private small group training program you must have at least 3 people to your group and you can fill out the request form below. Once we have received your request, you will be contacted with more information about how to register.



Please email Liz Greenlee with any questions.


Small Group Training FAQs

Q: Do I have to have a group to register with?

A: No. You can register with friends or by yourself to join a group. Not to mention, it’s a great way to make fitness friends!


Q. How do I register for small group training?

A. You can register online selecting "no preference" for the trainer and time of day.


Q. Why choose small group training instead of group exercise?

A. With small group training, you receive personalized instruction and attention from your trainer at a lower cost. Also, the series is progressive, increasing in difficulty as you improve.


Q. Will I receive an assessment with small group training?

A. An assessment is not included in small group training packages, although this can be purchased separately.